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The email said:

You might want to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming! An electric connection between passionate Venus and fiery Mars is And while this is good news for couples, it’s EVEN BETTER news for anyone looking for love right now. The potential to meet your match is closer than you think!

The question is … who is he? Is it someone you already know, or someone you haven’t even met yet? It’s YOUR love life so use the power of Tarot to find out... WHO HE IS!

At the very bottom of the email, in the fine print, it says:

Did we get your gender or sexual orientation wrong? Click to update!”

I clicked.

I was curious to see if I could update my preferences to receive reliably accurate predictions for a polyamorous, divorced “older” woman, looking for men for loving committed relationships, but also sometimes has kinky play partners, and is always on the look out for a hot woman for some sexy threesome fun!

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Will these setting work? Only time will tell! LOL

I still won’t PAY to get my Tarot predictions, but I’ll happily wait and see if I get any better predictions.

When my readings start saying, “You will find a hot blond babe who also has three other partners and you will make mad passionate love in the summer heat!” then I will believe!

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World traveler, memoir writer, lover of all things relationship- especially non-traditional! Follow me on Twitter: @ELByrne1

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