This is how I feel too. The freedom. I recently had a frustrating conversation with a close friend about one of my partners. It is a very non-traditional relationship that in the surface seems to be mostly sexual but there is such a deep connection within that, that even though our lives are completely changing, I still value staying connected to him in whatever manner we work out. She couldn’t see why I would want to do that, since it appears that our relationship is just sex and we won’t be doing that anymore really. (He is also the man I call a «partner» even though that word probably doesn’t to most people describe our relationship.) But to me- honoring the deep connection we have had for the past 2.5 years has real value and I want those brief texts and back and forth notes to continue even if due to distance and life changed our relationship is shifting and moving in a different direction. I love that polyamory allows is the freedom to define our partnership in whatever way we choose even if it seems confusing on the outside.

World traveler, memoir writer, lover of all things relationship- especially non-traditional! Follow me on Twitter: @ELByrne1

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