One of my partners has a sex swing hanging in his living room (this is Berlin so, there is that!) He has his parents over to his place, no shame or worry, he knows exactly who he is and so does anyone lucky enough to be in his circle. Some days hand cuffs hang off the side, other days a blanket airs out over it. Regardless of its immediate use, this man is as real as it gets.

The first time I walked and I saw it, I was a bit- well let me just admit it- freaked out! But truly, his comfort level with himself and who he is, made me totally comfortable with it, and him too! He owns his shit- he flies his freak flag and he is so very real!

I’ve learned a lot from him… about being real! (You thought I just might say something else there didn’t you!? 😈)

Thanks for this. Too many people out there are spewing crap and calling it- “Being Real!”


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