If I could highlight this whole post without seeming weird- I would! I’m older than you but was in high school and college end of the 80’s early 90’s. Was one of the first to read “I kissed dating goodbye!” (Ugh) then in my early 30’s I was a youth leader. (I might have done that ball and string gig! 🤦🏼‍♀️)

I grew up in Upstate NY but also lived in Minneapolis for many years where I was married and divorced. I realize now, I did that because it’s what was expected of me more than because it was right for my life.

I am now polyamorous, living in Berlin, travel as frequently as I can, and am writing a memoir that has sooo much to do with the whole religious abuse and purity culture.

Thanks for this article. You are not alone! Good for you for seeking help from a sex counselor and thankfully you have a husband who is willing to walk this journey with you! Yay!


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World traveler, memoir writer, lover of all things relationship- especially non-traditional! www.elbyrnewriter.com Follow me on Twitter: @ELByrne1

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